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When we decided to expand our sales via Amazon, I reached out to Matt. Our products are built by enthusiasts, but we wanted to explore a more mainstream sales channel. Following that conversation, Kaviso prepared a variety of strategies to meet our unique brand goals. Over seven years of working with the Kaviso team, it’s become clear they’re not just focused on short term goals, but a long-term vision, key to growing the value of our brand as a whole.

Will Bright

Co-founder & VP Product Development, Drop

Over the past 8 years Kaviso has tackled the full gambit of issues for beyerdynamic including: unauthorized dealer tracking,  IP infringements, A+ content, & catalog optimization. They have launched 10+ exclusive SKUs providing end-to-end solutions from catalog creation, forecasting, logistics, end-user sales & support. 

Peter Carini

sales manager, beyerdynamic

We’ve worked with Matt and Sam extensively over the last 4 years providing invaluable data-backed consulting instrumental to our growth. They have solved catalog-wide compliance issues, optimized listings, defended our patents, and brought Amazon specific products to market. I can not recommend them enough.

Tanner Allen

director of business development, klymit

It is difficult to overstate how good Kaviso has been for Hornit. Overnight our listings transformed from a mish-mash of random sellers and inconsistent pricing to a logical, consolidated sales-inducing format. They have taken complete control of IP enforcement, A+ content, massively increased sales, and best of all freed us up to focus on bringing more products to market.

Tom de Pelet

CEO, Hornit

The knowledgable, helpful, and talented Kaviso team has been a pleasure to work with. Their content creation is superb and their Amazon expertise has helped this sales channel thrive for our business. Taking the headache and complexity of Amazon off our plate has been a huge relief and timesaver.

Wes Johnson

CEO, Lawson Hammock

Prior to partnering with Kaviso our content was marginal at best. Their team has diligently improved our content with tremendous improvements and growth. They have also provided invaluable insight into the marketplace that would have taken us years to figure out, all of which have increased sales on the platform. 

Danny Andres

director of sales, kelty